This week will be a busy one with students preparing their advertisements and finalizing their presentations for their Future Forecast project.  They will be presenting Wednesday April 20th.  I sent an email in regards to parents coming to see their presentations.  If you would like to come see all of the hard work that they’ve been doing please send me an email.

Starting this week, students will be conferencing with my during tutorials and library time.  They will be comparing and contrasting two books that they have read for Genre Wheel considering the elements of fiction.

On Friday, students will complete a short assessment where they will answer a series of questions related to their global issue and product.

At home, please ask your students about their work in Genre Wheel and Future Forecast.  For GW, ask them about the books they have chosen and why.  For Future Forecast, I’m sure they would love to explain the global issue their group chose and the product that they decided to create to help solve it.

Have a great week!

Week 31
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