For this weekend, it is important that you spend time looking through your notes you have been taking in Social Studies.  Please make sure that you have answered all of the questions you generated previously and that you can fully articulate and explain your understanding of your biome and its organisms, the threats facing your biome, how those threats relate to the materials economy, and the solution you have come up with.  Remember that the solution can be something that already exists or a completely new idea.  Your problem and solution will need evidence to support it.  The evidence could be in the form of graphs or charts, statistics, or other types of data.  The problem solving rubric you will be graded on is in your Social Studies Resources folder.  Please check their to make sure you have the information needed to support each part on the rubric.
Starting in all core classes on Monday you will be working on the Relationships project.  You will need to have your research ready for Monday so you can begin planning out and drafting your script.
This will be a busy week but if you spend some time reviewing (and completing if necessary) your research notes this weekend, you will feel less stressed and more accomplished by the end of the week.
Week 38
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