Week 38

For this weekend, it is important that you spend time looking through your notes you have been taking in Social Studies.  Please make sure that you have answered all of the questions you generated previously and that you can fully

Week 37

I hope that everyone is having or has had a good weekend (depending on when you read this).  In English this week, we are finishing up our presentations and spending some time practicing before giving them on Wednesday (Phillips HB)

Week 35

We have another short week this week.  In Social Studies this week, we will continue our research into the materials economy culminating in a test next Monday.  In English, students will take their research and begin to write scripts that

Week 33

I would like to thank everyone who came to the Future Forecast Product Convention this past week.  The students were very excited to show off all that they have worked on over the past month or so.  It was a

Week 32

We have a packed week this week as we officially end our 3rd quarter performance task and begin working with our 4th quarter content.  To that end, all parents are invited (see my email) to our Future Forecast convention showcase

Week 31

This week will be a busy one with students preparing their advertisements and finalizing their presentations for their Future Forecast project.  They will be presenting Wednesday April 20th.  I sent an email in regards to parents coming to see their

Week 29

We have a short week this week as our spring break begins on Thursday.   In our interdisciplinary unit, the Future Forecast, students will be working to finish up their research early in the week.  Once the research is complete,

Week 28

This week we will have our Student Led Conferences.  These conferences are great opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning throughout the year.  They have been busy working on their e-Portfolios in order to prepare for these conferences.  If you

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